What is Internet Speed Test : Upload, Download And Benefit

Every day we use the internet. Good for reading articles like this, looking for ideas, to contacting parents and friends. But have you ever done an internet speed test?

What is Internet Speed Test?

Internet Speed Test or internet speed test is a test to find out the maximum capacity of the internet network that we use to upload or download data.

The average value of the data, called bandwidth. So, the internet speed test will tell us the bandwidth of the internet connection we are using.

The size of this bandwidth is mbps or megabytes per second. For example, 10 mbps means the data transfer rate is 10 megabytes every 1 second.

Usually, there will be three main things, namely download speed (download speed), upload speed (upload speed), and ping (lag time).

What Is Download speed?

This is the speed of the internet connection that we use in downloading data. This download speed figure shows how long the device we use receives data.

We need this to be able to do activities such as receiving messages, streaming video, to playing online games.

What Is Upload speed?

In this case, it is the opposite of download speed, upload speed is the speed we need to upload data to the internet.

For example, we want to share photos and videos on Instagram, or send messages on Whatsapp.

What Is Ping ?

Well, if it pings, it means time lag. The value that appears in the ping in the internet speed test means the amount of time it takes for the computer network, or the device we are using to transfer data.

Usually, the ping value is not expressed in mbps, but milliseconds.

What is the average number of bandwidth values

Let’s find out, let’s find out, what is the average amount of bandwidth that is good for using the internet.

1 mbps: With this internet speed, the connection is more convenient to use for browsing through websites

2-4 mbps: We can also stream video but with standard quality.

4 – 6 mbps: At this speed, we can stream video with high enough quality (720p).

6-10 mpbs: This speed is enough to download videos too, friends. We can also watch videos with even higher quality, namely 1080p.

10-20 mbps: Well, if this one includes speed for streaming video and downloading data quickly, friends.

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20 mbps: Above 20 mbps, we can do many things such as watching videos online with good quality, as well as downloading in fast time.

Anyway, if we use the internet in public places or at home where the network is shared, usually the speed will also slow down, friends.

So, internet speed also depends on the internet network provider that we use, the place where we use the internet, as well as the device we use.

Well, that’s all about internet speed.

The Benefits of Internet Speed Test

Many people don’t know that internet speed tests are so important. Because there are so many benefits that we can get.

As the name suggests, Internet Speed Test or internet speed test is a test to find out the maximum capacity of the internet network that we use. Both for uploading and downloading data.

Well, the average value of the data is called bandwidth. With bandwidth, we can know how fast or slow the internet connection we are using.

Bandwidth size is usually in Mbps or megabytes per second. If the internet speed is 3 Mbps, it means that the data transfer speed is 3 megabytes every 1 second.

What’s the use of knowing this? Miscellaneous. For example, we want to know what the internet speed is at a certain location or a certain place. For example in a cafe, hotel, or a friend’s house, for example.

After we know how much internet speed is being used, at least we can have an expectation of the activities being carried out. For example, when you need the internet to work, download something, and so on.

If the internet speed is only 3 Mbps, for example, then don’t expect to download games or update apps. Because it’s going to be a long time. Speeds below 10 mbps are only convenient for important and necessary tasks, such as sending emails, chatting, and others.

List of Internet Speed Test Site

Well, the site to test internet speed is Speedtest.net which was developed by Ookla from Montana, United States.

Speedtest service can be used on almost all platforms, such as iOS, Android, macOS, Apple TV to Windows.

How to use speedtest, just access the link https://www.speedtest.net. Or, download the app on your phone, then click ‘GO’ in the middle of the screen.

After that, wait a few moments, until all the results of the internet speed have been checked.

Thus a review of what an internet speed test is and what are its benefits.