10 Easy Ways to Test My Internet Speed

Test my internet speed is a way to find out how smooth the internet connection we are using is. In today’s digital era, the need for the internet is really needed.

In this article, we will provide an easy way to test my internet speed on a cellphone or PC. Check out the following!

Terms Related to Internet Connection Speed

Before that, Dewaweb will explain several terms related to the results of checking internet speed, including:

Download Speed

The number listed in the download speed shows how fast the internet connection on the device we are using is when downloading data.

The bigger the number, the better. That means the time it takes your device to download data is getting faster.

Upload Speed

The number in upload speed shows how fast it takes the device to upload data to the internet. Just like download speed, the bigger the number, the better. That means the time it takes for your device to upload data is getting faster.


The number in Ping indicates the amount of time it takes for data to be sent from one host to the destination computer and back again. In Ping, the lower the number, the better the connection. 0 – 10 ms is considered a very good result.


Jitter indicates fluctuations in the Ping value. That is, the number in Jitter indicates the stability of the internet connection. Figures in Jitter are measured in ms (milliseconds). Therefore, the lower the number, the better the internet connection you have.

How to Test My Internet Speed


Are you having problems accessing the internet? Try the Internet Speed test via the Speedtest.net site. You can do this method either via HP or on a PC.

Visit the Speedtest.net site then immediately click ‘Start’. After that, wait for a while and the results of your internet speed test will immediately appear on the screen.

The number that appears on the screen indicates the My Internet speed that you are using. The bigger the number, the faster your internet connection.

Speedtest is also available on the Google Play Store and App Store, you can download it directly on your cellphone for free.


In addition to Speedtest, there are other sites that you can use to test Internet Speed, Fast.com is one of them.

This internet speed check site from Netflix will automatically check when you visit the site, without having to click any buttons.

The results of the check will immediately appear to show how fast your internet connection is.

To find out more information, you can click ‘Show More Info’ at the bottom of the number of checking results. This will show more information about the upload speed of your internet network.


How to check wifi internet speed can also be done with the Meter site. It’s easy, visit the site and the check will start after you click ‘Start’.

Wait a few moments and the site will display information in the form of Download, Upload, and Ping speeds from the internet connection you are using.

You can do this method easily on HP and PC. Meter.net can also display more detailed information about internet connection by clicking ‘Show Details of This Test’.

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It contains information on IP Hostname information, average download, upload, and internet network ping speeds, as well as a graph of internet speed checks that have been carried out in the country where you are.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite is an application that serves to test internet speed, especially WiFi in real time. To use it, you can directly download the application.

Then, the internet speed data will automatically appear in the notification bar.


You can also use the MyRepublic.co.id site to test the speed of your internet connection! To do this, visit the MyRepublic speed test website.

When the Speed Test page appears, immediately click ‘GO’ on the screen. The site will check for approximately 30 seconds and will immediately display the results.

After the check is done, the screen will display the Hostname information, the results of the download speed check, upload, ping and jitter from the internet connection.

To repeat the checking process, you just click ‘AGAIN’ next to the previous result display.

Google Fiber Speedtest

Checking how fast the internet connection is on your cellphone or PC can also be done with Google Fiber Speedtest. This site has a fairly simple page display.

Visit the Google Fiber speed test site and you will be immediately directed to the internet connection test page.

To get started, click the round blue play button on the screen, and the site will immediately check.

It only takes a few moments, the results will immediately appear on the screen. The information you get is in the form of checking download speed, upload speed and internet network ping.

To repeat the checking process, just click the blue replay button on the page.


Another way to test my internet speed can be by opening the Speedsmart.net site. For information, Speedsmart.net already provides two options for users, namely Android and iOS.

Later, Speedsmart.net can display download speed, upload speed, server IP, and provider. Compared to other sites, Speedsmart.net includes a fairly accurate internet checking site.

Speedtest CBN

CBN is one of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) companies in Indonesia that provides facilities to check internet speed easily.

The appearance of the website page is quite simple. Visit the CBN speed test site and you will be immediately directed to the internet connection checking page.

Just click ‘GO’ and the site will immediately carry out a brief checking process.

Just like other internet connection checking sites, the information you get from the CBN Speedtest checking results is in the form of download, upload, jitter and ping speeds.

You can do this way to test Internet Speed on a PC or HP.

Internet Speed Test App

Another application that can be used to check internet speed is the Internet Speed Test App. The existence of this application can let you know information on upload, download, and network ping speeds.

So, how to check internet speed through this application? Here are the steps.

  1. Download the Internet Speed Test App
  2. Then, click ‘Test’
  3. Wait until the test is finished


Those are 10 easy ways to test My Internet Speed on HP and PC. Very easy and practical right? Mostly it just takes one click of a button on the page, and you will get the results.

Now you don’t need to be confused when you have a slow internet connection. Just follow one of the methods above, you will know the speed of the internet connection you are using at that time.